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Argentina Training School
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Multiplication In Action

Students Planting Bible Studies

Individual Discovery

As opposed to a traditional Student/Teacher paradigm, DBS (Discover Bible Study) attendees are encouraged to listen to the Gospel, answer questions, and exchange thoughts and ideas about the days lesson with the group. Inspiring unique and individual encounters with Jesus as they work their way through the Gospel.  

Unreached People Groups

A primary focus of the Argentina Training School is to focus on People Groups who are Unreached with the Gospel. Just this year newly graduated students have been launched into countries like Paraguay to search out specific peoples and bring the Gospel to them. Some of them for the very first time!

Megavoice Devices

Megavoice is a handheld, solar powered and rechargeable audio device which we use to transmit the Gospel to the Unreached. These Megavoices are loaded with Bible studies that take a Bible Study Group from “Creation to Christ”

Family, Friends, & Neighbors

A core element of the DMM strategy is attendees engaging others in their own proximity. Often times missionaries simply do not have the ability or facility to reach an entire community single handedly. DMM makes reaching entire communities not only possible, but a reality, simply by teaching others to multiply new groups with people close to them. 


Why DMM?

Making a Change 

The INSTAR Project was originated in 2008 when World Missions & Evangelism launched their first CPM (Church Planting Movement), which has since been renamed DMM (Disciple Making Movement), in Honduras. Under the guidance of mentors like David Watson our team was taught the principles of Disciple Making. Since that time the strategy has changed and molded to fit the needs of specific people and places across multiple countries and even continents! In Argentina Damian Praniuk Ministries is spearheading a DMM approach through catalyzing practitioners via native believers. They have already recorded upwards of 2,000 Discovery
Bible Studies